Impression Classification of Endek (Balinese Fabric) Image Using K-Nearest Neighbors Method
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Impression Classification of Endek (Balinese Fabric) Image Using K-Nearest Neighbors Method

Gede Aditra Pradnyana, I Komang Agus Suryantara, I Gede Mahendra Darmawiguna


An impression can be interpreted as a psychological feeling toward a product and it plays an important role in decision making. Therefore, the understanding of the data in the domain of impressions will be very useful. This research had the objective of knowing the performance of K-Nearest Neighbors method to classify endek image impression using K-Fold Cross Validation method. The images were taken from 3 locations, namely CV. Artha Dharma, Agung Bali Collection, and Pengrajin Sri Rejeki. To get the image impression was done by consulting with an endek expert named Dr. D.A Tirta Ray, M.Si. The process of data mining was done by using K-Nearest Neighbors Method which was a classification method to a set of data based on learning data that had been classified previously and to classify new objects based on attributes and training samples. K-Fold Cross Validation testing obtained accuracy of 91% with K value in K-Nearest Neighbors of 3, 4, 7, 8.


Classification, Endek, Impression, K-Nearest Neighbors

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