Effects of Process Variations in a HCMOS IC using a Monte Carlo SPICE Simulation
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Effects of Process Variations in a HCMOS IC using a Monte Carlo SPICE Simulation

Widianto Widianto, Lailis Syafaah, Nurhadi Nurhadi


In this paper, effects of process variations in a HCMOS (High-Speed Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) IC (Integrated Circuit) are examined using a Monte Carlo SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) simulation. The variations of the IC are L and VTO variations. An evaluation method is used to evaluate the effects of the variations by modeling it using a normal (Gaussian) distribution. The simulation results show that the IC may be detected as a defective IC caused by the variations based on large supply currents flow to it. 


Process Variations, HCMOC IC, Monte Carlo, Normal Distribution

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