Flood Warning and Monitoring System Utilizing Internet of Things Technology
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Flood Warning and Monitoring System Utilizing Internet of Things Technology

Mohamad Syafiq Mohd Sabre, Shahrum Shah Abdullah, Amrul Faruq


Flooding is one of the major disasters occurring in various parts of the world including Malaysia. To reduce the effect of the disaster, a flood warning and monitoring are needed to give an early warning to the victims at certain place with high prone to flood. By implementing Internet of Thing technology into the system, it could help the victim to get an accurate status of flood in real-time condition. This paper is develop a real-time flood monitoring and early warning system using wireless sensor node at a high prone area of flood. This system is based on NodeMCU based technology integrated using Blynk application. The wireless sensor node can help the victims by detecting the water levels and rain intensity while giving an early warning when a flood or heavy rain occurs. Basically, the sensor node consists of ultrasonic sensor and rain sensor controlled by NodeMCU as the microcontroller of the system which placed at the identified flood area. Buzzer and LED started to trigger and alert the victim when the flood had reached certain level of hazard. Data detected from the sensors are sent to the Blynk application via wireless connection. Victim will get to know the current status of flood and rain by viewing the interface and receiving push notification that available in Blynk application via IOS or Android smartphones. The flood level’s data sent to the email could help various organizations for further improvement of the system and flood forecasting purposes. After a test had been conducted, it was found that this prototype can monitor, detect and give warning with notification to the victim earlier before the occurrence of floods.


Flood monitoring system, early warning system, Internet of Things, NodeMCU


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