Implementation of Google's Technology in Android Mobile App "Kediri City Fasum and Fasos Information System"

Implementation of Google's Technology in Android Mobile App "Kediri City Fasum and Fasos Information System"

Benni Agung Nugroho, Abidatul Izzah


There are so many public facilities and facilities residents and spread all over the city. So that, many people do not know how to find and get the location. Therefore, it is required a mobile applications that can help the people search the public and social facilities easier. This study aims to develop an android applications that can provides an information of public and social facilities. Apps was built by google features that are Google Sign In, Google Places API, Google Custom Search Engine, and Google Map. Apps was built in several steps, among others are requirement analysis, system designs, implementations, and test. The apps provides information, routes, news related, and location markers of public and social facilities from apps contributor and Google Services.


android mobile app, general facility, google, public facility


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