Queue Tree Implementation For Bandwidth Management In Modern Campus Network Architecture

Queue Tree Implementation For Bandwidth Management In Modern Campus Network Architecture

Febri Liantoni, Rifki Indra Perwira


Bandwidth management in an institution is a fundamental need that must be managed properly. As has become user increase, data and hardware technologies result in unequal distribution and bandwidth absorption. The increasingly diverse needs of the user in the virtual world make the bandwidth scheme should get the settings. If the bandwidth is not set properly, the bandwidth can be acquired by multiple users.

Institutions engaged in education involving several activities such as employees, teachers and students (it’s called student body). Queue implementation is a technique of dividing bandwidth according to the proportional needs of users. This technique is able to work flexibly to organize and allocate bandwidth to end users. The ease of adding and reducing the amount of bandwidth becomes the main feature. The concept of campus network that adopts from a Cisco fundamental system can serve as one model that can optimize infrastructure and distribution of bandwidth to end user. The method used in this research is through observation for direct observation, interview for problem identification and internet service requirement and availability of hardware and software resources.

This result is the optimization of bandwidth management by considering student body. With the implementation of queue on each network allows the distribution of bandwidth in accordance with user satisfaction. Based on user satisfaction survey result, the user satisfaction level of queue tree implementation reached 59.2%.


bandwidth, queue, campus network, internet, cisco fundamental system


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