Rancang Bangun Penstabil Tegangan Pada Pembangkit Termoelektrik Skala Pico Berbasis Boost Converter

Rancang Bangun Penstabil Tegangan Pada Pembangkit Termoelektrik Skala Pico Berbasis Boost Converter

Ailin Rohmatul Fajria, Budhi Priyanto, Ilham Pakaya, Zulfatman Zulfatman


Least of using thermoelectric module as an electric generator in society was often because of energy which was produced by it was unstable. So we need voltage stabilizer circuit to push up and down the voltage to certain voltage. The purpose of this final project is to design a voltage stabilizer circuit in pico scale DC voltage based on boost converter. This experiment is done by three stage there are, stabilizer experiment by adaptor, performance of thermoelectric generator and also stabilizer experiment by thermoelectric generator.

The yield of the first experiment, when we gave input voltage 3 until 9 V produced 5,07 until 5,08 V, so it has 98,55% accuracy toward 5 V expect. On the second experiment, when it is given by ?T 30, 50 and 70 C produced 2,5, 3,04 and 3,39 V. While on third experiment, with the same ?T produced 5,08 until 5,09 V. But, when ?T which given by 12 C produced only 0,8 and 0,9 V in second and third experiment, it is because of the voltage is not fulfill accupation voltage 2 until 24 V on datasheet of used IC. Relation between ?T and Voltage (V), Current (I) also Power (P) which was produced have positive R value 0,76 until 1, this mean that ?T directly proportional to V,I and P. So, the higher ?T we give, the higher V, I and P will be.

Keywords : stabilizer, thermoelectric, boost converter.

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