Interaktif Augmented Reality untuk Katalog Penjualan Rumah Berbasis Android

Interaktif Augmented Reality untuk Katalog Penjualan Rumah Berbasis Android

Lailatul Husniah


In Indonesia, the property business has increased every year, but not many property developers in Indonesia that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) as a promotion media to market the product. They still rely on brochures as media promotion. Research on sales catalog home using AR is also not new, there are few similar studies that have been done before, but concentrated on the detection marker to display a 3D model using either marker or special brochures that serve as a marker. Markers were detected can displays shapes and sketch of object 3D house. This study focused on the manufacture of home sales catalog using AR technology by adding features that did not exist in previous research. Some of the added features are changing the paint color of walls, doors and windows in a 3D model of a house, so that users can change color according to the shade provided. Home sales catalog using AR technology developed runs on android mobile platform and created using Unity. The method used in this study is the SDLC Waterfall. The test results showed that the application can run as planned, especially the features that are added as a feature to change the paint color of the walls, doors and windows in the house 3D objects can be run properly.


Interactive Augmented Reality, home sales catalogs, Android, and 3D models

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