System Monitoring And Controlling Water Nutrition aquaponics Using Arduino Uno Based Web Server

System Monitoring And Controlling Water Nutrition aquaponics Using Arduino Uno Based Web Server

Amanda Fahmi Maarif


Aquaponics is a sustainable farming system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics systems as an integrated system that is symbiotic. In an aquaponics system results from animal excretion contained in this system will be used as natural nutrients hydroponic plants. As for the animals that live on this system will also result in clean water that has been filtered naturally by the plant roots. In the cultivation of an aquaponics system an important factor affecting the development of the ecosystem is the degree of acidity (PH) which have a direct impact on the absorption of nutrients in the roots of plants and development of animals that live in this ecosystem. In addition, factors that are not less important is the electroconductivity (EC) is the ability to conduct an electric ion in solution to the plant roots. The degree of acidity (pH) of water that is normal for an aquaponics ecosystem at 6-7 and value for EC ranged in value of 0.8-1.2 ms / cm. From this study produced a tool that is capable of monitoring in the form of a web server and conduct automatic action in controlling the levels of PH and EC. Based on the results of system testing results obtained sensor Analog PH Meter Kit and Analog Electrical Conductivity Meter capable of monitoring water tank in accordance with the standard measurement tool used is PH meter and EC Solution and the system is also able to control the changes that occur in the water tank in accordance with the standards of PH and EC.


Aquaponik,Arduino Uno, PH, EC

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